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Omnichannel Strategy vs. Multichannel Strategy: The Key to Success in Marketing

ago 8 months

Dive into the world of Omnichannel Strategy vs. Multichannel Strategy. Read this article where you will find everything from the definition to the implementation of the Omnichannel strategy and why it is essential for success in the digital era. This article will equip you with the necessary knowledge to take your omnichannel strategy to the…… read more

How the metaverse influences digital marketing

ago 9 months

In the exciting world of digital marketing, the metaverse has emerged as a major player. This space without physical boundaries is redefining how companies interact with their audiences, and in this article, we will delve into how this innovative concept influences advertising, eCommerce and who is leading the way…. read more

Effective e-Learning Strategies for Enterprises

ago 9 months

In a world where training is essential, e-Learning stands out as an efficient and effective solution. In this article Huella Virtual highlights e-Learning strategies for companies and shows how training can improve productivity…. read more

What is a Corporate University and how can it benefit your company?

ago 9 months

Corporate universities are a key strategy for employee development and the competitiveness of companies. In addition to providing essential knowledge, they also reinforce the culture and values of the company, creating a sense of belonging. Discover which companies apply this e-learning strategy and how Huella Virtual can be your strategic ally in its implementation…. read more

Concepts and Advantages of Digital Marketing

ago 10 months

What is digital marketing and why is it essential in today’s world? We delve deeply into the key components of digital marketing and how they can benefit your company. With Huella Virtual by your side, leverage the global reach, precise targeting, and accurate measurement that digital marketing has to offer, and exceed your online goals…. read more

How to Turn Your Blog into a Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

ago 10 months

Turn your blog into a valuable asset for your business. From Huella Virtual with vast experience in digital marketing, we will guide you through the key steps to turn your blog into a powerful tool for attracting potential customers to your business from the internet…. read more

Huella Virtual Supports the III International Congress of Engineering CIIISOL 2023.

ago 10 months

Huella Virtual, a company in Digital Marketing, Corporate University, and Technological Solutions Development in Medellín, joins CIIISOL 2023 to promote collaboration between academia, industry, and government. Descubre cómo promovemos la transformación digital en Medellín y más allá. With the organization by the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, from September 13th to 15th, there will be conferences…… read more

Website Design: Keys to Captivate Your Visitors

ago 11 months

Do you want your website to be captivating and effective? This article will guide you through essential keys, from understanding your audience to using high-quality images and CTAs. Don’t miss out on the latest design trends and some examples to inspire you and design your business website. Meet Huella Virtual as the expert you need…… read more

diseño web personal y empresarial en Medellín Colombia

How to create impactful ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

ago 11 months

Make the most of social media’s potential to promote your products or services with captivating ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Guided by a digital marketing expert like Huella Virtual, these guidelines will show you how to define your target audience, use quality content, and measure success to achieve a successful digital advertising strategy…. read more

The new features of Google Analytics 4

ago 1 year

Google Analytics 4 is the new and improved version of the popular web analytics tool, designed to better understand customer journeys and provide more predictive analysis with artificial intelligence. With significant changes in the interface and data model compared to Google Analytics Universal, GA4 offers a new evolution of Google Analytics that not only measures…… read more

Do you have a Moodle cron error?

ago 3 years

The Cron is the option to execute scheduled tasks at regular intervals in Moodle, and it’s possible to encounter errors when updating or uninstalling plugins. Here’s how to fix it…. read more

What is SEM?

ago 3 years

You may ask: What is SEM? SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which translates to Search Engine Marketing. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which translates to Search Engine Marketing…. read more

What is SEO?

ago 3 years

You may ask: What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which translates to Search Engine Optimization. In Huella Virtual we explain what it is and how to achieve organic positioning…. read more

What is digital marketing?

ago 3 years

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is the way to help your business grow and have an online presence, guiding those people looking for a business like yours to reach you…. read more