Huella Virtual Supports the III International Congress of Engineering CIIISOL 2023.

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Huella Virtual, a leading company in Digital Marketing, Corporate University, and Technological Solutions Development in Medellín, is pleased to announce its support for the III International Congress of Engineering with Social Impact (CIIISOL) 2023.

This event, which takes place in a hybrid format from September 13th to 15th, 2023, in the city of Medellín. It is a unique opportunity to explore the synergies between technology, sustainability, and innovation.

The CIIISOL: A Meeting of Experts in Technology and Sustainable Development

The International Congress of Engineering with Social Impact (CIIISOL) is an annual event that attracts experts from around the world in technology. As well as innovation and sustainable development.

During this gathering, conferences and workshops addressing cutting-edge topics are held. Such as artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, and blockchain. In addition to their application in the creation of smart and sustainable territories.

The main objective of the CIIISOL International Congress of Engineering with Social Impact is to foster collaboration among three key actors: academia, industry, and government. This cooperation aims to promote sustainable development and technological innovation for the benefit of society as a whole.

In addition, the event provides a crucial space for discussing and reflecting on the challenges and opportunities posed by technology today.

Huella Virtual: A Believer Partner in Digital Transformation

Huella Virtual, a Medellín-based company that believes in digital transformation, supports CIISOL 2023

Huella Virtual , has decided to support CIISOL as part of its firm commitment to sustainable development and technological innovation.

From the company, the importance of events like this to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange is recognized. All of this given among the different actors involved in the development of technological solutions with a significant impact on society.

Huella Virtual, as a staunch believer in digital transformation, emphasizes the relevance of technology such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, among others. This as fundamental tools to optimize processes within academia and communication.

From the business perspective, emerging technologies are not a threat but an opportunity that should be leveraged by the industry. This is for the management of human resources and time for the direct benefit of the most important and direct social groups around the companies themselves: employees, customers, and their families…

For a Sustainable and Technological Future

Huella Virtual actively participates in CIISOL 2023 in Medellin

The International Congress of Engineering with Social Impact represents a fundamental pillar for promoting collaboration and the exchange of knowledge among the different stakeholders involved. Within the context of developing technological solutions with significant social impact.

With the active participation of Huella Virtual in this event in Medellín. It seeks to underline its commitment to the proper use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Its desire to share its experience and knowledge in the use of artificial intelligence and big data for the efficient management of Digital Marketing, Corporate University, and Cloud IT tasks.

In a world seeking sustainable and technological solutions, events like the CIIISOL set the pace for advancement at the intersection of technology and sustainability.

Huella Virtual is proud to support the development of this important conversation.

And looks forward to the opportunity to contribute to the growth of a more sustainable and technological future for Medellin and all of Colombia.

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