Do you have a Moodle cron error?

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Have you encountered the following log? “Convert 1 submission attempt(s) for assignment,” an error in the Moodle cron.

The Cron is the option to execute scheduled tasks at regular intervals in Moodle.

It’s possible for the Cron to encounter some issues when performing updates or when uninstalling plugins.

Uno de los inconvenientes que se encuentran cuando se hace ejecución de cron en Moodle es la aparición del siguiente mensaje en los logs:

Convert 1 submission attempt(s) for assignment 17222
Convert 1 submission attempt(s) for assignment 17388

It’s possible for hours to pass with the same message during cron execution, making it feel like the cron never finishes.

Do not despair, the solution is simple. Follow these steps:

. Navigate to the following path: Site Administration -> >Server ->> tasks>Scheduled tasks.

Once there, disable the option “Prepare submissions for grading.”

Prepare submissions for grading

After disabling it, it’s time to try again.

This should be enough to correct the Moodle cron error: “convert 1 submission attempt(s) for assignment.”

This solution has been tested and works because it disables the preparation of notifications for each user.

If you leave the Cron running, the first few times it may take hours or days to finish if this option is not disabled.

If you don’t need each user to receive push notifications through their mobile device for Moodle notifications, you can safely disable it.

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