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Digital Marketing, SEM – Huella Virtual 14/08/2023

WhatsApp has revolutionized our way of communicating, allowing us to stay effortlessly connected with friends, family, and colleagues. However, this powerful messaging platform is not limited to personal use only. With WhatsApp Business, you can leverage its features to strengthen your digital marketing efforts and enhance customer acquisition.

With over 2 billion active users worldwide, this messaging platform provides a unique channel to connect with your target audience in a personal and timely manner. In this article, we will explore how to create and execute effective promotional campaigns through WhatsApp.

Integration of WhatsApp into your marketing strategy

To start developing a WhatsApp-based campaign, it is essential to first integrate this channel into your marketing strategy. At Huella Virtual, as experts in digital marketing, we provide you with this checklist to consider before embarking on setting up a WhatsApp campaign:

Strategically organize your customers

WhatsApp Business allows you to create a professional business profile that displays important information about your brand.

After downloading the application on your phone, accepting the terms, and entering your company name and logo, click on Explore > Business Profile.

From there, you can include details such as your website, location, opening hours, and a brief description. This increases your credibility and makes it easier for customers to find and engage with your business.

WhatsApp Business Profile Digital Strategy

Strategically organize your customers

Start by collecting your customers’ phone numbers and obtaining their consent to receive messages from your company on WhatsApp. This can be done through subscription forms on your website, social media channels, or in-store interactions.

Remember to comply with local privacy regulations and make the consent process clear and transparent.

Strategically organize your clients.

Once you have saved the numbers of your clients with their authorization, proceed to organize them. For this, you can make use of tags. Create tags according to the type of customer, for example: new customers.

To create a tag, click on Chats, then tap on >Tags. Add the name of the tag and the color. Then when you’re going to assign that label to a new client, tapping on the chat, touch the label icon that appears. You select the label you want to save it with, and you’re done.

Use automation and chatbots

Automation and chatbots can streamline your communication processes and improve effectiveness.

However, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you can set up automatic responses for frequently asked questions while you or your agents address the potential customer who is chatting with us via WhatsApp.

Use automation and chatbots.

Create a welcome message from the menu, click on Business Tools, then touch Welcome Message, and write the message with which you want to greet your customers.

Por otro lado, puedes crear respuestas rápidas. Especially when you have multiple chats at the same time asking the same thing, this implementation will save you time and money when we think about customers. Esto lo puedes crear, también desde Herramientas para empresa y tocas, respuestas rápidas.

Encourages feedback and reviews

Invite your customers to share their opinion about their experience with your brand through WhatsApp. Encourage them to leave reviews and ratings, as positive feedback can significantly influence potential customers.

And anticipate responses to address any negative feedback promptly and professionally, thus maintaining a positive brand image.

How to Create Promotional Campaigns through WhatsApp?

Step 1: Understand your WhatsApp Audience

The first step to creating a successful promotional campaign on WhatsApp is understanding your audience. Research their interests, needs, and online behaviors. What type of content appeals to them? ¿Cuáles son sus problemas y deseos? This information will help you tailor your messages and offers in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Step 2: Establish Clear Objectives

Before launching any campaign, you must establish clear and measurable objectives. Do you want to increase sales of a particular product? Are you looking to generate subscriptions to your email list? Setting goals will help you design an effective strategy and measure the success of your campaign.

Step 3: Create Engaging Content

Content is the heart of any promotional campaign. Create attractive, concise, and visually appealing messages that highlight the value of your products or services. Create attractive, concise, and visually appealing messages that highlight the value of your products or services.

Step 4: Use Personalized Messages

One of the advantages of WhatsApp is its ability to send personalized messages. Use the recipient’s name and tailor the content according to their preferences and previous behaviors. This will increase the likelihood of your message being well received and read.

Step 5: The Right Timing

Timing is crucial in WhatsApp marketing. Send your messages at times when your recipients are most likely to be active and available to interact. Avoid sending messages at inconvenient times that may cause annoyance.

Step 6: Provide Added Value

Más allá de las promociones, brinda valor agregado a tus destinatarios. Beyond promotions, provide added value to your recipients. This will strengthen the relationship with your audience and foster trust in your brand.

Step 7: Create a Call to Action (CTA)

Cada mensaje promocional debe incluir un llamado a la acción claro y convincente. Whether you want your recipients to purchase a product, sign up for a webinar, or visit your website, ensure that your CTA is easy to understand and act upon.

Step 8: Monitor and Adjust

Once you’ve launched your campaign, don’t forget to monitor its performance. Use analytics tools to track open rates, link clicks, and user engagement. Based on this data, adjust your strategy as needed to optimize the results.

Step 9: Maintain Consistency

Consistency is key in any marketing strategy. Maintain a sending frequency that is appropriate and non-invasive. Avoid excessive messaging to prevent your recipients from feeling overwhelmed or unsubscribing.

WhatsApp is a valuable channel.

In conclusion, WhatsApp provides a valuable channel for creating and executing effective promotional campaigns. By following these steps, you can make the most of this platform to reach your audience in a personalized way and generate significant results for your business.

Always remember to maintain a value-focused approach for your recipients and adapt your strategy based on the data and feedback you receive. On the other hand, we understand that there are companies that need to implement digital marketing strategies, but time constraints complicate these tasks and their thoroughness.

So, if this is your case as a business owner, we invite you to contact us now. At Huella Virtual, we provide the support and guidance you need to create and implement a digital marketing strategy through channels such as WhatsApp, Meta, and Pinterest.

Stop thinking and contact us now!

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