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Improve the positioning of your website! Discover the true potential of your website with our comprehensive SEO Audit that covers everything from technical aspects to user experience. We identify opportunities and resolve deficiencies, ensuring that your website reaches its maximum performance.

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Importance of the Audit SEO

The SEO audit is essential to optimize the positioning of your website. Our team of experts will thoroughly analyze every aspect of your site to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. Imagine this: your business appearing in the first search results. With our SEO Audit, you will be able to achieve it, as we will help you improve your website structure, loading speed, user experience and navigation. Other benefits include:


We detect technical problems
With rigorous diagnostics to identify and resolve technical issues that may hinder the performance of your website. Our precise approach ensures a solid foundation for improving your search engine visibility.
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Web Site Evaluation

Quality and relevance of web content
Through a detailed evaluation, we analyze the quality and relevance of the content on your website. We ensure that every element is aligned with SEO best practices, strengthening your business' online presence.
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Empresa evaluando sitio web con Auditoría SEO

UX | User Experience

Improvements based on user experience
SEO Audit is not only about search engines; we also optimize the User Experience (UX). We implement improvements focused on usability and navigability to ensure a positive interaction that catapults user satisfaction.
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Usuario calificando su experiencia según Auditoría SEO

Web Optimization

Web architecture improvements
We focus on the architecture of your website, implementing improvements to facilitate indexing and improve search engine ranking. Web Optimization is essential for an effective and lasting online presence.
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equipo optimizando sitio web según Auditoría SEO

Security Verification

HTTPS security requirements and protocols
Safety is paramount. With Security Verification, we ensure that your website complies with HTTPS security requirements and protocols, providing confidence to both users and search engines. A secure site is a reliable site.
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verificación de seguridad en sitio web con Auditoría SEO

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Our SEO Audit services generate:

Identifying and correcting website technical issues contributes to an increase in the online visibility of your business.

Continuous Improvement

An intuitive and user-friendly interface not only retains users, but also promotes conversion and retention of site visitors.

Optimized UX

Keeping abreast of algorithmic updates and adjusting your SEO strategy accordingly helps preserve and improve your website’s performance.

Updating and Adaptation

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SEO Audit Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SEO audit?

    An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of various aspects that impact the organic positioning of a website.

    It consists of evaluating both technical elements and aspects related to content and user experience in order to identify problems and opportunities to improve search engine rankings.

  • Why is an SEO audit important?

    Performing a regular SEO audit is essential to ensure the success and effectiveness of our optimization strategies.

    Over time, the algorithms of search engines such as Google evolve, and along with them, the best practices and techniques for good SEO.

    For this reason, it is crucial to keep up to date and adapt our website to these constant changes.

    • A periodic SEO audit allows us to identify and correct problems that may be affecting the performance of our website in search engines. These issues can range from indexing errors, problems with duplicate site versions, to mobile compatibility issues, to manual actions imposed by Google due to violations of its policies.
    • It also gives us the opportunity to identify new opportunities for improvement. By analyzing aspects such as user experience, website architecture, internal linking, HTTPS security and international SEO, we can find areas where we can optimize and boost our search engine performance.
    • It also allows us to measure and evaluate the impact of our optimization strategies and actions. We can analyze organic traffic, the most relevant keywords, appearance in search results and other key indicators to evaluate the success of our actions.
  • How to perform an SEO audit?

    Performing a complete SEO audit on your website is essential to identify and fix problems that may be affecting your organic positioning. Here are the key steps to follow:

    – Checking for indexing problems:

    It is important to use tools such as Google Search Console to verify if your web pages have been indexed correctly. If you encounter indexing problems, you must fix them to improve your site’s performance in search engines.

    – Checking for duplicate website versions

    Make sure that Google only indexes one version of your website. Duplicate versions can cause crawling, indexing and positioning problems. If you discover duplicates, you must take the necessary steps to correct them.

    – Execution of a web crawl

    Use tools like Semrush’s Site Audit to simulate how Google crawls your website. This way, you will be able to identify possible technical problems affecting SEO, such as broken links or misconfigured pages.

    – Checking Google manual actions

    Check Google Search Console to see if you have received any manual actions due to spam policy violations. If this is the case, it is essential to solve the problems and submit a reconsideration request to recover the organic positioning of your site.

    – Checking for mobile compatibility issues

    Make sure your website is properly optimized for mobile devices. Search engine optimization considers mobile user experience as an important factor. If your website is not compatible, you will need to take steps to optimize its performance on mobile devices.

    Performing a complete SEO audit following these steps will allow you to identify and fix the problems that affect your website’s ranking. Remember that this is a periodic process and requires technical SEO experts like those at Huella Virtual.

  • What tools to use to implement SEO Audit?

    In SEO auditing, having the right tools is essential to obtain accurate and detailed information about the status of the website. Here are two important tools to perform an seo audit:

    • Google Search Console: This tool provides valuable information about the technical health of the website, traffic and inbound links. Allows you to check whether pages have been indexed correctly and to troubleshoot indexing-related problems.
    • Semrush: Another powerful tool for SEO auditing. With Semrush you can get a detailed analysis of organic traffic, keyword performance and backlinks. In addition, it offers crawling functions that help identify technical problems that may affect search engine rankings.

    Over the years, many more tools have emerged that require a more advanced level of technical or non-technical SEO knowledge.

  • What aspects are taken into account for an SEO Audit?

    User experience

    User experience is a fundamental factor for SEO positioning. It is important to ensure that the website is easy to navigate and that users find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. To achieve this, elements such as loading speed, navigation structure, responsive design and content readability must be optimized.

    Web architecture

    Web architecture influences how search engines interpret and rank content. It is necessary to ensure that the structure of the site is logical and organized, with internal links that allow search engines to navigate and understand the content efficiently.

    Internal linking

    Internal linking refers to the way in which the different pages within the website are connected. It is important to establish a coherent and relevant link structure, using clear keywords and descriptions. This will facilitate user navigation and help search engines understand the hierarchy and relevance of the content.

    HTTPS security

    HTTPS security is an increasingly important aspect of SEO. Ensuring that the website has an SSL security certificate helps protect user data and builds trust. Search engines, such as Google, value this security measure positively and can give higher rankings to websites that implement it.

    International SEO

    If the website has an international audience, it is necessary to take into account international SEO aspects. This involves adapting content for different languages and regions, using hreflang tags to indicate the correct version of content based on the user’s language and location, and optimizing the site for local searches in each target country.

  • How often is it important to perform an SEO Audit?

    The ideal frequency to perform an SEO audit depends on several factors, such as:

    • The dynamics of change in site content
    • Algorithmic updates of search engines
    • The speed of evolution in SEO practices.

    Generally speaking, however, our Huella Virtual experts recommend performing SEO audits on a regular basis, ideally every six months or at least once a year. This approach provides an efficient balance between adapting to significant changes and continuity in optimization.

    Periodicity ensures that the site remains aligned with current best practices, allowing for strategic adjustments in response to emerging trends and changes in search behavior, as mentioned above.

    In addition, it facilitates regular measurement and evaluation of the impact of optimization strategies, allowing proactive adjustments to maximize SEO performance over time.

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