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Welcome to the gateway to your digital success! Keyword analysis is crucial to improve search engine positioning. That’s why we make sure we master the words and phrases that users of Google and other search engines use.

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Importance of keyword analysis

Keyword analysis plays a key role in the success of a digital marketing and SEO strategy in the online world. By understanding what words and phrases the target audience uses when querying search engines, it is possible to optimize content and improve positioning in the results visible to the user. Check out some of the benefits that Huella Virtual offers by applying keyword analysis:

SEO Positioning

Visibility and relevance
By using the right keywords in your content, we guarantee the possibility of increasing the visibility of your website in search results. Which in turn will generate more qualified traffic.
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Gráfico de posicionamiento SEO

Relevant audience

We attract the audience that matters
By identifying the keywords and phrases that users use when searching for information related to your business, we can attract people who are really interested in the products or services offered by your company.
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usuario haciendo búsqueda

Content Optimization

We generate content that interests
Through keyword analysis we discover trends and needs of your audience. This allows us to target the creation of relevant and useful content that responds to your desires and problems.
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Contenido optimizado con palabras clave


We are working to improve the ranking 
By knowing the keywords used by the competition, it is possible to adjust the strategy and find opportunities to stand out and differentiate.
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Página de resultados de búsqueda

Measuring results

Monitoring, analysis, adjustments
We understand that in the digital world change is constant. That is why we generate the tracking of the keywords used and their performance in terms of traffic and conversions. This allows us to evaluate the success of the strategy and make adjustments if necessary.
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Gráfica de medición de resultados de palabras clave

A Huella Virtual in your company

Our Word Analysis services generate:

We improve the ranking position of your website in search results. This is where our SEO Consulting efforts land, to increase the visibility of your business.


We create relevant content against competitors, focusing on keywords. This allows you to increase competition through qualified content.


We identify and generate new topics for future content. By knowing the related keywords, you can expand the scope and diversity of your content.


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Keyword Analysis Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are keywords?

    Keywords, in the context of SEO, are specific terms or phrases that users often enter into search engines such as Google when they are searching for information online.

    These words or phrases are fundamental to the positioning of a website, as search engines use algorithms to identify the relevance of a content in relation to user queries.

    The strategic selection and proper implementation of keywords in the content of a website allows to improve its visibility in search results, thus increasing the chances of attracting organic traffic and interested audience.

  • What is keyword analysis?

    Keyword analysis is an essential tool in SEO strategy. It allows to identify the most relevant words and phrases for the market niche and to optimize the content of the web page.

    Two key areas for the effective application of keyword analysis are: implementation in SEO strategies and utilization in content marketing.

  • What is keyword analysis for?

    Keyword analysis allows you to understand the needs and preferences of your target audience and create relevant content focused on those keywords.

    Selecting the right keywords allows you to improve your positioning in search results and increase your visibility against your competitors.

    But it can also be used in content marketing. It is the basis for generating quality content that addresses the topics related to the identified keywords. This will bring value to the target audience, increase the time spent on the website and improve the user experience.

    In addition, keyword analysis can be used to identify new ideas and themes for future content. By knowing the related keywords, you can expand the reach and diversity of your content, attracting new users and generating interest in different business areas.

    At Huella Virtual we use keyword analysis to:

    • Identify keywords relevant to the market niche.
    • Optimize the web page using keywords in the content, meta tags, URLs and internal links.
    • Generate quality content that addresses the topics related to the identified keywords.
    • Use keyword analysis to identify new ideas and themes for future content.
  • How to do a keyword research?

    Keyword analysis requires the use of specific tools that provide detailed information to improve SEO and marketing strategy. The following are some of the most important tools used by Huella Virtual:

    • Semrush: is a complete tool that offers keyword analysis functionalities. It allows to estimate the difficulty of these words, to know the search volume and its evolution over time. In addition, it provides information about the competition in the search results and suggests related keywords.
    • Google Ads Keyword Planner: Google Ads’ free Keyword Planner tool is an excellent option to search for keyword ideas. It provides information on search volume, competition and even estimated bidding. It is especially useful for planning advertising campaigns and optimizing website content.
    • Ubersuggest: is based on Google’s autocompletions and offers a complete list of possible keyword combinations. It also provides information on search volume and keyword competition, which helps identify opportunities for relevant content.
    • Ahrefs: provides detailed information on keyword search volume and difficulty. In addition, it suggests related keywords, including long tail keywords. It also provides valuable data on competition in search results and search trends over time.
    • Seobility Keyword Finder: provides similar keyword ideas through Google’s autocomplete. It also provides information on the keywords for which a page or portal ranks, both organically and paid. This helps to understand which keywords are relevant to an SEO strategy.
    • Semrush Keyword Magic Tool: is a powerful tool that can generate thousands of keyword ideas in seconds. Provides detailed information on search volume, competition and search trends over time. It is especially useful for discovering new content opportunities.
  • What are the key metrics used to measure the success of the SEO service?

    Key metrics we will use to measure the success of the SEO strategy include:

    1. Search engine rankings: We will closely monitor the improvement in the positions of your target keywords in search results.

    2. Organic traffic: We will monitor the increase of traffic coming from search engines to your website.

    3. Conversion rate: We will track the number of visitors that convert into customers or leads.

    4. Time on site: We will look at how much time visitors spend on your site, which indicates the relevance and quality of your content.

    5. Bounce rate: We will monitor the number of visitors who leave the site after viewing only one page, which may indicate problems in the user experience.

    6. Lead generation or sales: We will measure the increase in lead generation or sales through organic traffic.

Why does my business need SEM Services?

Why does my business need SEO Services?


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